+ MUTIL echomail export now logs to all log levels should it fail to release
a BUSY flag for a node. It will also add an entry into the global
errors.log file.

+ MUTIL echomail import now logs to all log levels should it fail to release
a BUSY flag for a node. It will also add an entry into the global
errors.log file.

! Mystic should now properly delete all the drop files from the node’s temp
directory when returning from a door.

! When routing pass-through netmail, Mystic was not setting the PKT password
properly to the new routed node’s configured PKT password.

! When calculating pass-through and exported netmail by route, Mystic was not
skipping over echomail nodes that were flagged as Inactive.

+ Nodelist compiler will now process ?00 through ?99 compressed files instead
of ?01 through ?99.

+ Mystic now logs an entry when returning from a door

+ Mystic now logs the command line for every program it runs, including
doors and archives, etc.

+ Mystic now logs when it begins to shutdown a node normally

+ In Unix versions, Mystic will now “watchdog” any door process. If the
connection is lost, Mystic will immediately send a SIGTERM signal to the
process and shut itself down. This will fix the “DOSEMU 100% cpu” problem
both on the DOSEMU side and the Mystic side.

! Fixed a BINKP bug where Mystic was not looking at the unsecure directory
during unsecure transfers when it was comparing file sizes of files that
already existed on the server.

+ Changed BINKP to not administer flood protection which seems to allow it
to work better with IREX.

! When uploading REP packets online, the TZUTC kludge wasn’t being added to

+ Two new functions for Python: param_count() returns the number of
parameters passed to the script. param_str(#) returns the parameter number
where # is the number. Supplying (0) will give you the script location and
name. Supplying nothing will give you the entire command line. Example:

import mystic_bbs as bbs;

bbs.writeln (“Number of parameters..: ” + str(bbs.param_count()))
bbs.writeln (“Full command line…..: ” + bbs.param_str())
bbs.writeln (“Script name………..: ” + bbs.param_str(0))
bbs.writeln (“|CRParameters (param_str):|CR”)

count = 0

while count <= bbs.param_count():
bbs.writeln (” Param #” + str(count) + “: ” + bbs.param_str(count))

count = count + 1


+ Running Mystic with a -VER now shows the date and time that Mystic was
compiled in addition to the version.

+ Mystic will now include the compile date in the tear line for networked
messages. This will probably change in the future.

! BINKP was not always sending M_ERR frame when authentication is denied
before connection was shutdown

+ MPLC now outputs to STDIO for better integration with compiling from 3rd
party editors.

+ FIDOPOLL now uses the MIS2 BINKP engine, instead of the MIS engine

+ MIS2 now has an active event engine and the event engine in MIS has now
been disabled.

+ Mystic now logs whenever a MPL script is executed

+ Mystic now logs whenever a Python script is executed

+ Mystic now logs user and password errors when supplied via command line

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