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What’s DoRENET?

DoRENET is a fido style net for the beginning to advanced sysop.
We are a net that focuses on bbs modifications, coding, ansi/asci etc…

Who can join?
Any established BBS that’s on 24/7. All are welcome to join this net
to learn or share bbs modifications, coding, etc.

How do I join?
Call Dreamland BBS, DoRE WHQ, DoRENET HQ and apply for a new account.
All accounts are validated on the first call.

Telnet to bbs.dreamlandbbs.org

Web Page https://www.dreamlandbbs.org

IRC you can find me in #mysticbbs or #demonic as DreamMstr or
ModZilla if im on.

How do I receive
You can access the packet via binkp echo/net email. Looking for
an experienced host per state or country.

You can receive DoRENET  BinkP/net email. Call dreamland bbs and fill out the DoRENET MPL application.