Some of you that have visited this website saw suspended.  Why?  Well one of the plugins on some of the sites were maxing out my resources and they took a look at my hosting and found 270g of space being used.  Sent me an email that there were numerous  mp4 and mp3 files.  So they asked me to remove them.  i been a customer since 2005 I didn’t understand why but in order for then to bring me back up I need to remove them and host them some where else so it does not affect bandwidth.  Now I am taking up only 5g of space.  So now I need to find a place to host files like video etc.  There you go. The BBS was still up.

VooDoo Island MPL is coming along.  I have finished the witch doctor but I’m debating on how to do partial healing when you don’t have enough to heal 100%.  Also I would like to thank Grymmjack for making screens for the mpl game.

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