Voodoo Island (MPL) 1.x

Voodoo Island v1.0 – MPL  door




Voodoo island is a RPG game like LoRD but with a tiki twist.   You are on a mission
to find the hidden treasures & the many secrets of the island.  If will encounter  many
enemies & surprises along the way.  Attack other players that will try to stop you.  Just
remember that anything can happen and will.  Win the game & become ruler of the
island.  Keep in mind. danger lurks around every corner.

Voodoo Island is currently under development.and looking for more ansi screens to add

You can play the latest version on dreamland bbs as it is being developed.  Please note that

since it is under development there may be bugs or areas not done or complete.



 The latest
    VUDI Island history 1.x
    % internal comments
    + features added
    - features removed
    ! changes made/fixed
  v0.02 A3 12-02-16
  ! Last on & online bug fixed
  ! user index bug fixed  
  v0.02 A2 11-01-16
  + Started on game configuration
  ! Changed whats new view to the
    internal mystic file viewer
  v0.02 A1
  + trader sam will now reply
    to keywords or says random
    things if no keyword is said
  ! added me doing poems in tiki bar
  + added conversations in tiki bar
    like LoRD. LoRD colors supported
  + added maintenance to run first
    player of the day.
  + multi player detection added
  + detects if you been on twice or
    more a day
  v0.01 A4
  + art added to island menu
  ! changed player data
  v0.01 A3
  + coconut bank added
  + player on added
  + island art added
  v0.01 A2 4-02-16
  + added player list
  ! changed player data
  ! fixed gender display
  + stats added
  v0.01 A1 1-31-16
  % initial build just menu




Here are a few small screen captures.

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