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    so i have created 3 igms for the game darkness.  i will be adding them to this site in the next week. you can check out the game darkness win32 and dos versions at http://www.demonic.net/damned/

    The three igms are magic 8ball, darkness plastic surgery center and lemonade stand.  They can be played on my board in the darkness game. go check it out.


    So these are things i am working on:

    • Jezebel (2.5 will be out next week.) looking to add igm capability
    • Master Mind will be in mpl and door flavor
    • Seadogs  a swash buckling door about pirates
    • Gallows Poll a cool and ansi driven hangman game
    • Vudu Island a mpl door game for mystic bbs
    • Rocky Horror IGM fixed lots of spelling errors and cfg bug fixed
    • Magic 8 Ball IGM about to be released

    as you can see i am getting my old doors back up. jezebel is once again in development as well as many other things.  Master Mind is coming along and I have to start on my abandoned gallows pole and seadogs.  These are all doors for many other softwares that support drop files and door32.sys .  i am also releasing my IGM’s I made for LoRD.  I am changing registration to donationware.  that mean you hit the button and make a donation what you think the igm is worth and give me the name you want it registered to either person or bbs and i send you an email with the code. i will also have freeware doors here too.  I am also gonna have my mpl doors here.  i going to be working on a game called vudu island.  I am always looking for ansis for my projects. hint hint